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Lis, Claudia

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11/10/2005 Origin


Jar with lid detail

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Cylindrical cup and saucer

Shallow bowls

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Claudia Lis


1969 in Krefeld, Germany


Arts Council of Wales

Work Made

Celadon Ceramics

Materials Used

White stoneware, porcelain and celadon glazes.

Methods Used

Wheel thrown in small batches.

Price Range

20 to 500


In her Montgomery studio, Claudia designs and makes a range of fine functional ceramics that is primarily wheel-thrown in small batches using porcelain or white stoneware. Surfaces are glazed in subtle shades of celadon green that compliment the occasionally applied slipped or incised decorations. She develops her own glazes through the on-going process of experimentation and testing. Claudia's disciplined and meticulous approach to her work results in well-balanced shapes of tranquil nature. She intentionally allows subtle variations within one group of forms in order to give herself space to develop the typical character of a particular shape and to emphasize the individuality of each piece. In addition to her slipped and incised decorations, she chooses to implant minute pieces of rust into the layer of unfired glaze. Under the influence of the heat of the kiln, these rust particles melt and 'bleed' into the glaze creating a feel of refreshing randomness. Claudia's ceramics are gas-fired in a 'reduced' atmosphere to 1280 degrees Celsius.

Artist Profile

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