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Images featured on Photostore are at a low resolution of 72dpi (dots per inch). Photostore does hold high resolution images (digital and 35mm colour transparencies) which can be supplied via the Crafts Council Picture Library for reproduction purposes.


Once images to be considered for reproduction have been added to 'My Group' (using the 'Add to My Group' icon - the tick shown under images) a request for the group of images can be placed using the 'Request My Group images for reproduction purposes' link provided at the base of the 'My Group' page. This process requests standardised information and records the images selected. If this does not fit your project exactly please enter as much information as you can and Photostore staff will then make contact with you to discuss this further.


All images featured on Photostore are copyright Crafts Council 2004, and their respective Object and Photographic copyright owners. Images are provided for research purposes only and must not be reproduced in any way without the prior written permission of the copyright owners.

Where indicated, permission is given for data and images to be downloaded and printed by Photostore Users. In doing so this does not give the User rights to ownership or intellectual copyright in that material. All Photostore Users agree to this term within the general terms and conditions during the registration process. The Crafts Council warrants that the best of its information, knowledge and belief the images included on Photostore will not infringe the Intellectual Property of any third party.

If you have any queries regarding copyright of images featured on Photostore then please do contact the Photostore Officer.

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