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Where appropriate, printer friendly functions are provided for the printing of both Makers' CVs and images. These links (usually provided at the base of web pages) will open the contents of the page in a new browser window. The contents can then be printed using standard printing functions. To return to Photostore you will need to close any print windows you have opened.

If you are experiencing problems printing, please do check your printer set up.

Maker CV

The 'Maker CV' page provides brief biographical information accompanied by four corresponding image records. To access a maker's full CV use the 'Full printer friendly CV' link at the base of the page.


You are able to print a group of selected images from the 'My Group' page. Once images to be printed have been added to 'My Group' (using the 'Add to My Group' icon - the tick icon under the image) they can be printed using the 'Printer Friendly' link at the base of the page. If you have more than 10 images in your 'My Group' selection you will need to print each page seperately.

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